Ting Thai Caravan


There is often a queue outside Ting Thai Caravan in the evenings. On this particular occasion comedian Mark Watson nervously explained to me that his companion was innocently enquiring about the expected wait time, rather than skipping the queue when she darted into the restaurant ahead of me.

After grunting in acknowledgement and allowing Mark Watson to calm down, I met my friend and we sat down for dinner.

I'm planning to start a new blog.

"But Nick? This blog has literally 4 posts on it? Why would you start another?"

"Well, sometimes a man has such a good idea that he simply has to fork out the extra USD$10 a month to set up another Squarespace page."

Ladies and gentleman, that idea is to establish a definitive guide to the UK's Chicken Wing scene. It will be called GiveMeChickenWingsorGiveMeDeath.com (or the closest available URL), and it is going to be huge. 

In that spirit I ordered Ting Thai's wing offering, the Bangkok spicy Peek Gai. 

The wings were soaked in lemongrass and Nam Pla, giving them that intensely savoury and quintessential South-East Asian flavour that says "I love the smell of Napalm in the morning".  The psychedelic effect of Lemongrass on the palate is not too dissimilar to reverb - tastes like a Saigon acid trip. 

The Pad Thai was a bad try, and by no means the best item on the menu. If you're going, have the pork and rice dishes.