Burger Mania, Ebisu

On Saturday night I celebrated Burns Night, Scotland’s national festival, at Tokyo’s expat fortress, the Tokyo American Club. Managing to get a ticket to the event the day before by firing of a series of panicked emails I celebrated deep into the night with a room full of tartan-clad strangers, fuelled by a bottomless whiskey bar. Needless to say when I woke up on Saturday my face and mouth were drier than Steve Bannons flakey scalp.

After a bottle of melon Fanta I wandered down to Ebisu’s Burger Mania to soak up that wine/whiskey/lager combo swilling about in my system.


You can really tell when the wings are fresh and unfrozen. Burger Mania’s Buffalo wings arrived in front of me and threw off a sweet dry heat and hit the back of your throat like the fumes of a old bus, not in an unpleasant way. The sauce was very cayenne-heavy, again, not unpleasant but a bit one-dimensional. Blue cheese dip was unremarkable and came out of a bottle. 6/10.